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The Beatles through the looking glass onion: Recordings, rhetoric, images, interviews, articles, album sessions, and intrigue.

FALLOWS: Can you describe the sessions with Stuart Sutcliffe after the fairground on location in Hamburg and in the woods?

ASTRID: Yes, because I had a very big crush on Stuart, I was just hoping to do some pictures on my own with him. So I asked Klaus if he could ask Stuart if he would be willing to come with me to some places to take some pictures and he was just over the moon, because he had an eye on me, as well. But Klaus was absolutely great because he just felt that Stuart was the one for me. So that was wonderful of him, the way he acted.

There’s a very old famous little street in Hamburg called Krameramtsstuben and I think it must have been built in the middle of the 18th century. I always loved that little place, so I took Stuart there and he was absolutely amazed to see it. I was so excited taking him there that I didn’t look at the light, and later on, when I developed the pictures, I was so angry with myself because he had that big light on his nose. So I never liked those pictures. But then again, I took him to the River Elbe in the woods and I took a great one of him there where he was sitting on a tree, and he looked absolutely lovely then.

— Astrid Kirchherr, Goldmine: Meet Astrid Kirchherr, the artist behind the Beatles. (November 5th, 2010)

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